MRK VIP Client Perk

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your pet if you were in an accident and couldn't make it home? Well if you are a Marsh Run Kennels VIP client, worry no more. We've got you covered. Registration for VIP status is free and has many perks. And the perks are continually growing. VIP clients always have  a space in our Puppy Motel. VIP clients are offered pick up and delivery. VIP clients are offered reduced rates. You will always know first when there are specials. First access to our store... And now we have special ID cards. You carry it with you and it will alert first responders that you have a pet at home. They contact MRK and we get your pet and care for your loved one. One less thing for you to worry about... See Betsy, the business manager to find out how to get yours. Business # 717.331.8762..Marshrunkennels facebook, Betsy Ayers facebook, My personal cell phone 717.215.5103..        

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